by Kitcattt, 13 hours ago

Hi all,


please note we are trialling Discord for voice chat for Raiding. It also allows you to type.

If you haven't already joined us, these are the details:


One of the advantages is that it's free.  Our Ventrilo with all the channels to accommodate everyone is currently about $120 Aus per year.

Let us know if you have any issues/thoughts.

Looking forward to raiding with you all starting Wed Oct 5th 2016.






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H Tyrant Velhari and H Fel Lord Zakuun

by Kitcattt, 32 days ago

Last 2 screenshots for our final two bosses in Hellfire Citadel.  13/13H - awesome work guys. We cleared it while it was still current content. 


Thanks everyone for all your hard work.


And we get to do it all again for Legion.....


Bring it on :)






H Tyrant VelhariH Fel Lord

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Heroic Archimonde defeated!!

by Kitcattt, 130 days ago

Heroic Archimonde slain  .Congratulations to everyone who turned up week after week (including Aethena getting up at 3am twice a week) to fine tune the strats to defeat the big brute.

Tanked with ease by Zeperdy and Iosephus, healed spectacularly by Zubo, Drudaff and Aeilah and completing the team were the super DPS consisting of Emagin, Emelak, Brielark, Azazel, Kitcatt, Lamington and last but certainly not least Zan.


We'll go back and get the last 2 heroics but fabulous work team including the regular raiders who weren't able to make it.

With those raiders, as well as others once they've geared up and learnt the fight, we'll get them in as well and get their moose.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQYJ4x3VDjk&feature=youtu.be- Thank you Emelak for recording our first kill.


We were prepared......






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LEGION release date - 30 Aug 2016

by Kitcattt, 163 days ago





Stay tuned...

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Heroic Iskar knocked off his perch

by Kitcattt, 170 days ago

Well done to the raid team.  We took down the Shadow-Lord on our first night after only a few attempts.  Very impressed.


Playing a mean game of hot potato with the Eye while tanking were Ios and Zep

Healing with fancy footwork were Halinorn, Aeilah, Drudaff and Lovebytes.

DPSing as if everyone's life depended on it (which it kinda did) were Brielark, Zan, Emagin, Morangie, Lamington, Dyne, Azazel, Kitcatt, Lanette and Emelak.

See Zubo, we told you we could do it ! :) To infinity and beyond....


3 more to go.

H Iskar

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