2017 raiding

by Kitcattt, 255 days ago

Raiding recommences tomorrow 11/1/2017. Continuing with the Emerald Nightmare Heroic. A reminder that we are trialling Mon raiding instead of Thu to accommodate some of our regular raiders. Let us know if there are any problems.  Don't forget to note your attendance on the guild calendar or message one of the officers to add you to the sign up list. 
Happy New Year to you all :)


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Legion raiding - Wed 5/10

by Kitcattt, 353 days ago

Hi all,


And so it begins again...another expansion, another raid cycle.

I'm very excited to share it with you all.


With Legion raiding we welcome back Zubo as our fearless Raid Leader.  He is a wise, albeit not-so-svelte panda. Please heed his words during raid times.

Nano returns as our guild banker extraordinaire and loot guru.

We welcome Azazel to the officer team to help with Loot, guild invites and other raid assistance.

Thank you to the Officer team for helping me help us all with the new raids.


A bit of housekeeping (sorry):

Horizon will be raiding Wed, Thu and Sun 8.30-10.30pm with a 10 min break around 9.30pm (although if we're in the middle of a boss fight, we don't down tools mid battle and come back after ;D )

An 835 min ilvl is required for the early stages of the Emerald Nightmare on Normal difficulty.

Invites for the raid will go out at 8.15pm.  Please be ready to go and around the raid area as summoning multiple people takes time. Please don't chose 8.16pm to get your last minute enchants or bonus rolls.

As it is early in the expansion, we don't require the latest Legion enchants etc, the best WoD ones will do for the early stages, but certainly as we progress, the best food/flasks/enchants etc will be required. Health pots and bandages are also requested. As the guild bank doesn't have many materials donated as yet, please ensure you provide your own supplies for the raid. Flasks are required for the duration of the raid.  Popping a flask at 8.30pm and again after the break at 9.40pm (for those with a 1hr duration) will ensure that trash and bosses are killed more quickly.

As noted, we are trialling Discord for our raids https://discord.gg/cCZEAGE. Please ensure you are able to hear the raid and preferably have a working microphone. Mandatory if you are required to make calls during raid (ie taunts).

DBM or equivalent and GTFO are an absolute must and a threat meter such as Omen is recommended. A Healer addon such as Healbot is required if applicable.

DKP will not be awarded if you do not meet the above.

DKP has been reset. Please see the DKP section on the forums for our loot policy/costs.

As you would be aware, there are only a certain amount of tanks and healers we can take in a raid group - the ratio looks to be 1 healer per 5 raiders.

At this stage, our nominated Main Spec tanks are Zeperdy, Iosephus and Demonspourn (Brie).

Our MS healers are Zubo, Nano, Drudaff, Morangette, Typhol and Helium. A few others have indicated they are working on their healers for raiding.

We want to ensure fairness between these roles so we will be cycling through if we have too many on a given night.  Players in these roles are encouraged to have a viable off role. It is understandable if you only wish to specialise in one role, but be aware that for fairness, you may be asked to bench some nights so that others may have a turn.

Preference will also be given to raiders with regular attendance.

Please be prepared for the raids ahead.  LoS has provided excellent 2 min videos:



Having said all of that, we want you to have a great time and progress so please let us know if you have any suggestions/thoughts. 


TL:DR Turn up 8.15pm ready to raid, be fully prepared (best enchants not required), have fun.


Looking forward to another great raid with you all.










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by Kitcattt, 358 days ago

Hi all,


please note we are trialling Discord for voice chat for Raiding. It also allows you to type.

If you haven't already joined us, these are the details:


One of the advantages is that it's free.  Our Ventrilo with all the channels to accommodate everyone is currently about $120 Aus per year.

Let us know if you have any issues/thoughts.

Looking forward to raiding with you all starting Wed Oct 5th 2016.






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