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re: Information for new and prospective members


Horizon was founded on 26 November 2005 by Vassik and Helva and has been raiding continuously right through till today though the leadership has changed hands a few times – KevinD, Masic, Deboss, Drakula, Celtaan and now Kitcatt.

We are primarily a raiding guild, and secondly a social guild. The following information may help you if you are deciding to raid, currently raiding, are here with friends or just want to be a social member. It outlines what is expected or requested from you during your time with us.



  • Guild chat policy
  • Guild ranks
  • Raiding
  • DKP
  • Guild bank
  • Forums
  • Ventrilo
  • Assistance
  • Applying

Guild chat policy

Horizon is a mature, family-friendly guild. Please keep guild chat and Ventrilo clean. We do not allow misogyny, homophobia, racism, transphobia, or bigotry of any other kind. This includes jokes.


Guild ranks

Guild Master
Responsible for ensuring an enjoyable environment for players in the guild, sorting out any issues within the guild, looking after the guild bank, inviting new members to the guild, and working with the officers to ensure raids and the guild are running smoothly.

Helps the GM with the general running of the guild and raids including raid invites, DKP, guild banking, guild invites, and distribution of loot. Helps with decision making, recruiting, and any issues brought to the attention of an officer/GM. Provides advice to the GM.

Officer Alt
One or two alts of an officer to ensure that they can perform officer duties whilst on another character.

Players who are geared at an appropriate level for the relevant raid, including glyphs, gems and enchants. Raiders are expected to have researched the fights and can display competence and cooperation during a raid and show attentiveness and willingness to work as a team. Raiders are free to reasonably withdraw items from tabs 1-4 of the guild bank free of charge. Unlimited guild repairs.

Players who have been with the guild since or near its inception and have previously shown dedication and commitment, some former GMs and officers. Unlimited guild repairs.

Long term member
Players who have been with the guild for two years or more. Long term members are free to deposit and reasonably withdraw items from tabs 1-4 of the guild bank free of charge. Guild repairs 50g per day.

Players who have served the two week initiate trial period and do not wish to raid or raid infrequently. Members often prefer to quest, pvp or do achievements and are sometimes friends/family of fellow guild members. Members are free to deposit and withdraw items from tabs 1-2 of the guild bank.

Alternative characters of all other ranks. Can withdraw from tab 1 of the guild bank.

Starting rank. After a two week trial period an initiate who has demonstrated friendliness and maturity will be promoted to member. No guild bank privileges.



Horizon raid times are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8:30pm to 10:30pm, with a ten minute break at around 9:30pm. Our raiding rules and requirements can be found here.



Horizon uses WebDKP as our loot distribution system. Our DKP policy can be found here.


Guild bank

If you wish to purchase anything from the guild bank, please speak to the guild master or an officer who is acting as guild banker. The standard price is 50% that of the lowest auction house price. Items purchased this way may not be listed on the auction house or passed on to other players.



Please check the forums from time to time to ensure you are up to date with the latest postings from the Officers and your fellow guild mates. You are also encouraged to post tips for your class, strategies for a particular boss fight, or anything amusing you would like to share.



Horizon uses Ventrilo for voice communication during raids. Please see the guild information panel in-game for connection details. All raiders are expected to have Ventrilo installed. A microphone is strongly recommended.



For those newer to the guild, and a reminder for the older ones, any questions you may have relating to the game or the guild can be directed to any Officer/GM assist who will be more than happy to assist or refer you to someone who can help. If you have any suggestions or thoughts regarding the guild or its policies, please post it on the forums or discuss it with an officer.



If you agree and understand the charter and the above requirements, we encourage you to fill in our brief Application which will ask you the following questions:

  • Character details
  • Your age (20s, 30s, etc. is fine)
  • What are your main hours of play?
  • Will you be able to consistently attend at least 65% of our current raid times?
  • What is your raiding experience?
  • Which previous guild/s were you a part of?
  • Why did you leave, or are considering leaving?
  • Do you know any of our members?
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