Horizon is an Australian guild and one of the oldest raiding guilds still on the Khaz'goroth server (founded 30/11/05). We aim for progression but also have a strong friendly social base. We raid Wed, Thurs, Mon 8.00-10.30pm EST and our members are mostly aged between 21-50, but Horizon does have a few raiders either side of this as well. We look for raid aware players but also those that can enjoy themselves.
Guild activites include:
  • Progression Raiding
  • Guild LFR, heroics and senarios
  • Challenge mode heroics
  • Retro raiding
  • Forum competitions
  • Excessive FB chatter from the social media peeps
  • Annual Horizcon social gatherings
Interested in the History of Horizon? The past news posts of Horizon can be viewed in the Guild Forums > Public Forums > News > News Archives (why not check it out?)